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[Announcements] 02.17.2019

We have Friday Night Service this week. Come out and spend time in fellowship with fellow EHigh brothers and sisters as we continue to explore God’s Word. Dinner starts at 6:45pm. We will be meeting in the UED Building.

  1. If you are taking part in the “SEXXX Ed Sit Out” on Tuesday, February 19, our church is having Sa-Rang One-Day School from 7:30am - 3:00pm, please sign up by today. Talk to a pastor for more information.

  2. On Friday, March 1, we will be having a Broomball Competition to see which class proves superior in their ability to work together and keep balanced while moving on ice. Rally your class together to compete with the other classes. Click here for more information and sign up!

  3. G2G Vision Worship is coming up on Saturday, March 2. Service is at 6:20am in the Main Sanctuary. Come and join our church for a time of intergenerational prayer and worship. We will be continuing to explore how we can become more like Jesus.

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