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[Announcements] 04.26.2020

Remember you can give your tithes and offering at www.sarangusa.org.

  1. Follow us on Instagram for the latest updates and interact with the community: @srccehigh on IG!

  2. Hang out on Zoom with us! Even though we cannot meet up physically due to the Stay At Home order, let’s hang out online via Zoom each day. Be on the lookout for the daily schedule that will be posted on IG.

  3. The Bible for Dummies will be every Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm on Zoom. Let’s grow in our understanding of the Bible and what is written in it.

  4. Join us for Friday Night Live at 7:00pm on Zoom for a time of fellowship and the word.

  5. Small Groups will be meeting after Sunday Worship Service Livestream. Meet online via video chat!

  6. We want to know how to pray for you during this time. Share your prayer requests with us by filling out a form at tiny.cc/ehighprayer.

  7. There will be G2G Vision Worship this Saturday at 6:20am, streamed online. Join with your family for a time of intergenerational worship. E-High ministry will be leading praise!

1900 W Crescent Avenue Anaheim CA United States 92801